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Memorial Park

A beautiful resting place for your beloved pets.

A pet’s death can be just as difficult to accept as the death of any loved one. It’s natural to cry, to talk about it, and to remember the wonderful, happy times you shared.

The after-life care your pet deserves.

At Country Club Pet Memorial Park, we understand that each and every pet relationship is unique. That is why our staff are always ready to offer their professional assistance and to provide caring, compassionate, and professional services in your time of loss and sorrow. We care about your feelings and want to help you choose the services you feel will provide a fitting final tribute to your pet.

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A place to honour your companion

Lay your old friend or companion to rest where they will be properly cared for in a manner befitting one whose gift to you was a lifetime of devotion.

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A place to remember

You can stop by daily, between 9am-5pm, and spend a few moments remembering the good times with an old friend.

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A place to learn

Our memorial park provides an educational experience for children, helping them understand more about life and its passing.

Cremation services

Burial services

Additional memorial park services


While it is preferred that you transport your pet directly to our facility for after-life care arrangements, Country Club Pet Resort can arrange transportation for your pet from the vet clinic or your home to our memorial park for your chosen after-life services.

Cost varies with time and location:

  • $75 within 25km
  • $150 over 35 km
  • $175 over 60km

Cremated remains - $50.00

Our staff will escort you to the garden where you can sprinkle the ashes, or we can sprinkle them for you.

Memorial park service charge — $150

This fee is included with a gravesite purchase. Includes opening and closing of the grave, use of the park’s pet chapel, continual maintenance of the plots and park.

The chapel

The use of the chapel is included with the plot package. Take as much time (within 1 hour) as you like with your pet in the chapel before graveside closure. At the graveside, we will complete closure with a few words of comfort.

You can choose not to be present at the time of burial. We will send you a few pictures of the burial if this is your preferred choice.