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our dog facility features include

7 x 1 acre (45,000 sq ft each) Off-Leash parks
Lush grass and sprawling fauna set the standard for our off-leash parks.
40 Romping Corrals (5000 sq ft each)
Tons of room for romping around with friends in fenced off fields.
Many kilometers of exciting nature trails
Surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, exciting adventures await!
Fresh water swimming pool to cool off in the summer months
Your dog will make a splash during their stay in our all-natural fresh water swimming pond.
Outdoor playschool for playtime with a private caregiver
Have no worries, a private caregiver will spend private time with your pet to make sure their stay is enjoyable!
Indoor playroom when the weather doesn’t allow your pet to play outside
When the sun don't shine, the fun doesn't stop! Our indoor facilities have all the amenities.

our feline facility features include:

family inn suite cat hotel

Family Inn Suite

penthouse cat hotel


penthouses cat hotel


penthouse cat hotel


penthouse cat hotel


Windsor Castle Suite cat hotel

Windsor Castle Suite

Katanaskis cat hotel


Safari cat hotel


Romper Room Suite cat hotel

Romper Room Suite

Tropicana Suite cat hotel

Tropicana Suite

OK Corral Suite cat hotel

OK Corral Suite

Maui Weowy cat hotel

Maui Meowy

Egyptian Suite cat hotel

Egyptian Suite

Pam-purr cat hotel


Cactus Club Suite cat hotel

Cactus Club Suite

Roman Villa cat hotel

Roman Villa

Jungle Suite cat hotel

Jungle Suite

Cat Atrium Playhouse cat hotel

Cat Atrium Playhouse

Cat Atrium Playhouse cat hotel

Cat Atrium Playhouse

Rabbit Condo

Rabbit Condo

Bird Cabin

Bird Cabin

Adventures Await
5000 sq ft. of indoor roaming space for your cat in our backyard garden atmosphere
View of the Rockies
Glassed in Atrium with mountain views and climbing trees
For Every Occasion
22 theme room suites with private outdoor balcony (6 without outdoor access)
Purrrfect Luxury
25 penthouses with private outdoor balcony
All Pets Welcome
10 condo’s for your small, furry friends
Take Flight
1 flight cabin for 6 bird cages

Country Club Pet Resort Bird Park

The Bird Park is for all of our customers to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

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