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    Brookfield Canine Arena

Dog Activity Facility

We are proud to announce the opening of our new Indoor DOG ACTIVITY FACILITY. Brookfield Arena is 50 X 130 feet of space with 6 inches of washed clean sand. The Arena is fully insulated with both natural and overhead lighting, access to water and an observation deck.

You can now rent the Arena by the hour to continue your Canine Activity. This space includes access to new Competition Grade Agility Equipment. Recommended for the experience trainer. The equipment is for dogs use only, (not for children or adults to walk on).

Or if you want you can bring your own training equipment, toys, balls etc. (at your own risk). You must remove your equipment/toys at the end of your session.

*Please note we do not rent this space for playdates.*

*All Dogs must be fully vaccinated to use the facility*

*Only one dog on Agility Equipment at a time*

**This area was designed for individuals who want to continue their Agility training, Obedience training, Show handling, Seminars etc. year round.**

*Note we do not rent this space for playdates or as an indoor off leash area*

*Note we do not rent this space out to Dog walking companies.

This building is not to be used as a dog potty.

We understand that dogs have accidents. This is why we have designated an outdoor Dog Potty area for them to relieve themselves. Please clean up after your dogs.

Address: 282063 Township Rd
224A Rockyview, AB
Hours: Daily 9am-6pm
Rates: $50+gst per hour
For the first vehicle and $10 for each additional vehicle
Large Indoor Space
Insulated 50' X 130' lit space with an observation deck
Clean Play Area
The arena features 6 inches of washed sand and an observation deck.
Agility Training Equipment
New Competition Grade Agility equipment provided.
Group Bookings Available
Please contact our office for full and 1/2 day rentals.
RESERVE YOUR TIME SLOT *Use Arena and Equipment at own risk. *clean up after your pets

Book Your Private Access Today
Please contact our Office at (403) 936-5685 for information on GROUP Bookings

Terms of Service

The Park is used at sole risk to the owner/guardian with NO liability whatsoever assumed by the Country Club Pet Resort. This includes injury, illness, and accidentals.

If you do not cancel 24 hours prior to your booking time, you will not be issued a refund.