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Happy Paws by Happy People

Since being opened over 65 years ago, Country Club Pet Resort has had one mission: to keep your pet safe, happy and having fun. Now, our still family owned and operated facility is the largest pet boarding facility in all of Canada, spanning over 20 acres of beautiful countryside, nestled in the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

What makes Country Club Pet Resort different is our approach to pet boarding. Our all-inclusive resort caters to your pet's individual wants and needs, which comes from our fully qualified Pet Care Technicians. You can leave your pet here knowing they are with family. So why not stop on by sometime, and see why so many people choose Country Club Pet Resort!

We can't replace the feeling your pet has when you're with them.
But we can keep them busy until you pick them up.

The History of Country Club Pet Resort

  • Humble Beginnings

    Country Club Pet Resort’s history begins three generations ago with Jack Brooks, who opened Foothills Kennels & Dog School, one of the first dog boarding facilities in Calgary in the mid-1940’s on 58th Avenue S.E. Jack was a professional dog handler and he also trained field trial dogs.

  • Chip off the Block

    Following in Jack’s footsteps was his son Don, who opened the first professional dog grooming salon on 2nd Street S.E. in Calgary in 1959. As business grew he moved his salon to a larger location on 17th Avenue S.W. Don also was a professional dog handler; he also bred and trained Labrador Retrievers for field trials.

  • New Location

    Don and his wife Marlene opened the Calgary Pet Hotel in Midnapore, Calgary in 1962. As Calgary grew and the city took over Midnapore, the Brooks’ needed a new location. They settled down East of Calgary near Indus to its current location in 1982 where they opened the Country Club Pet Resort Inc.

  • Passed Down

    Presently, Wendy Brooks, Don & Marlene’s daughter is the owner/operator of the Country Club Pet Resort.

  • Generations of pet care

    The Brooks Family name is synonymous with pet care in Calgary, with over 65 years experience in the industry, it’s no doubt that the Country Club Pet Resort is at the top when it comes to your Pet Care needs.

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